Brand New Project – Soul Cupcake

Over the past 9 months updates on the website have been a little sparse and that is due to the all-consuming effort that setting up an 8-piece funk/soul/fusion takes.

‘Soul Cupcake’ is a brand new band for which I have written several brand new charts and re-arranged other classic songs. ¬†Featuring Rocky Loprevite on vocals, a 4-piece rhythm section and a 3-piece horn section this band is nothing short of amazing!

Whilst still very much in its infancy the band had its first ever gig on Thursday 12th September at Dizzy’s Jazz Club.

Go to the ‘Videos’ menu on this website to check out ‘Soul Cupcake’ in action!

These rough videos hope to give you some idea of where the band is heading in the future.

If you like what you see get on down to Dizzy’s Jazz Club on Thursday 28th November to hear the band in action once more!!