Limited Double Album Purchase Offer

Due to the Coronavirus lockdowns around the globe musicians aren’t able to gig and perform as we love to and live for. So continue spreading the love (not the virus) I am offering my two latest releases for $10AUD + postage.

Specific postage prices are:

  • Australia $10AUD + $4.85AUD Postage = $14.85 AUD Total
  • US $10AUD + $22.35AUD Postage = $32.35AUD Total
  • Continental Europe $10AUD + $27.05AUD Postage = $37.05AUD Total
  • UK $10AUD + $27.05AUD Postage = $37.05AUD Total

Please send your appropriate total to via PayPal – add your address to the purchase order – and your CDs will arrive shortly.

Stay inside and take care my friends!

Kind regards,