Having played for eighteen years at almost every live music venue in Melbourne, The Daimon Brunton Quintet is one of the city’s most hard-working and popular small jazz groups.

In 2003 the band released their first CD, Never Again Such Beauty. This album was available only at gigs and was a hit with the group’s many loyal fans.

It made sense then that their 2005 release would go public, and with the assistance of Newmarket Music Unlimited-Slip Diff hit the store shelves. This album explored new directions made possible by fusing jazz harmonies with funk and hip-hop grooves and the album was a great success.

The Daimon Brunton Quintet’s third release, My Favourite Things, was hotly anticipated and the sold out album launch had people lining up outside the uber-hip laneway club, Paris Cat well into the night.

The Daimon Brunton Quintet has just completed the recording, mixing and mastering of their fourth album – the first to be recorded live at their popular Melbourne gigs. It’s called Wah Sa.

The album is in part a tribute to Freddie Hubbard’s brilliant work during the 1970s on the CTI label. It uses those recordings (such as ‘Red Clay’, ‘First Light’ and ‘Skydive’) as inspiration for some blistering originals.

The Quintet made the recordings over a two year period at Uptown Jazz Cafe, Bar 303, the Paris Cat Jazz Club and Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. However, in the end a compilation of three gigs recorded at Northcote’s Open Studio had the sound and energy we were after and these were the gigs that made it to the final album.

After 16 years of non-stop work, reviews in ‘The Age’, ’The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ’In
Press’, interviews on radio and airplay on FM 103.5, FM 106.7 and FM 99.3 The Daimon Brunton Quintet is one of Melbourne’s most well-known, exciting and popular jazz bands.

The band has sold CDs in countries all over the world including the US, Sweden, Brazil and Japan.