Playing The Trumpet – The 3 Zones Of Compression – ebook by Daimon Brunton

I have been playing the trumpet for 28 years. In my 6th year of playing I knew, more than anything else, that I wanted to play the trumpet for the rest of my life. Unfortunately this proved to be a real curse. I was woeful at the trumpet. To quote myself, I believe I am the least talented trumpet player I have ever met (taking the meaning of talent to be aptitude for the instrument rather than level of skill). It is difficult to accurately express how bad my technique really was. I failed several exams and innumerable times I would perform jazz combo gigs (with my own band .. no one would hire me) that lasted three 45 minute sets knowing I would only be able to use the 23 notes from top space E to low F#. I was easily the worst player I knew or had ever heard (who practiced). I got lessons from several reputable and celebrated teachers, read numerous method books and throughout my university days I had two lessons a week with two teachers a week but no one could fix my poor technique.

I loathe the phrase β€œyou need to find what works for you”. We may all have a slightly different dental make up but we all have two lips, two lungs, two sets of teeth, a tongue and the trumpet is essentially a length of metal tube in which we setup a standing wave. I believed; and still believe; that there must be a science and a universal set of principles that governs how the trumpet works and that these principles can be taught to work all of the time.

This ebook is the result of that search…

I have displayed some sample pages from the book below and will be posting YouTube videos demonstrating the exercises in the coming months.

If you have been playing the trumpet a while and think there are deficiencies in your playing such as range, stamina, flexibility, tone and power that can’t possibly be fixed then closely follow what I set out below and you will find success.

The ebook is available for sale for AUD$30. If you wish to purchase the book please contact me via email ( to organise an EFT or PayPal Payment. Upon the funds being transferred I will send you the ebook and a receipt.