Soul Cupcake – Now Album

Okay guys things are hotting up. This week we’ve received the final audio masters and they’re epic! The brief we gave to the amazing Ben Thomas was to have the album sound like a blend of Tower Of Power and Stevie Wonder and he has delivered in spades!

Furthermore we employed a professional designer, Dyani Stagg, to create a logo for the band that had the sound of the band jumping off the page. Well she has completely nailed it and here is the finished product…

SC Logo with background

Soul Cupcake – Recording

Hold onto your socks my friends. The inaugural ‘Soul Cupcake’ album got under way over the last two weeks. So far we’re up to 5 studio days and in mainly sweltering conditions .. BUT .. if I’m right .. this could be the funkiest and catchiest album of all time!! Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted with upcoming developments. Maybe even a sneak peek at a track or two!

Soul Cupcake Recording

The NEW Daimon Brunton Quintet plays The Paris Cat Jazz Club

On Friday April 19th The NEW Daimon Brunton Quintet will perform in full the brand new album, ‘A Jazz Odyssey’ at The Paris Cat Jazz Club. The album is yet to be recorded but the band is soon to go into the studio to record the DBQ’s 5th offering.

The album draws conceptually on Orchestral Chaconne’s, Mozart’s Operatic work and Terence Blanchard’s album ‘Flow’.

As with all of Daimon’s compositions there is some genuinely brand new music.

The band will start shortly after 9:00pm and DBQ gigs at The Paris Cat are generally fairly packed affairs so be sure to book your tickets early at