DBQ Return to the gorgeous Open Studio!

On Thursday 3rd June The Daimon Brunton Quintet (DBQ) return to the beautiful Open Studio for a very special, intimate show.

The Daimon Brunton Quintet (DBQ) is quite possibly the most exciting live jazz band happening now. DBQ has just released their fifth full-length album and are at the peak of their powers. Visceral, engaging and exciting, this is a band you want to see live.

The Daimon Brunton Quintet’s last show at Open Studio sold out and with limited tickets and seating available we recommend purchasing your tickets now to avoid missing out.

Expect to be riveted; to be immersed .. and expect to feel alive. This is funky, melodic, catchy and sophisticated and it sounds like nothing else.

Daimon Brunton – trumpet
Adam Rudegeair – piano
David Gooey – guitar
Adam Donaldson – drums
Lawson Kennard – bass

Previous albums…
•‘Never Again Such Beauty’ (2002)
• ‘Unlimited-Slip Diff’ (2005)
• ‘My Favourite Things’ (2008)
• ‘Wah Sa’ (2012)
• ‘The New Sound’ (2020)
• ‘The Chunky Biscuit’ (2021)

Open Studio – DBQ Returns!
204 High Street, Northcote, VIC
Thursday 3rd June, 2021
8:00pm-10:00pm (doors open from 7:00pm)
$27 Entry
Tickets available at:TBC

7 tickets left!

On Thursday 11th February, The Daimon Brunton Quintet (DBQ) debut their hippest tunes to date at the beautiful Open Studio in Northcote and there are only 7 tickets left!!

Don’t miss out! This really will be an incredible night!

Tickets are available via the link…


2 exciting evenings!!

The Daimon Brunton Quintet (DBQ) has almost completed recording its brand new, full-length album, ‘The Chunky Biscuit’.

It is groovy, funky and very hip. It has latin elements and dance elements but still wrapped in a modern jazz/fusion packaging.

The album also features the original ballad the band has recorded since its debut album ‘Never Again Such Beauty’ (2002).

DBQ is celebrating the recording of this album with a very special feature gig at Open Studio on Thursday 11th February. This will be an intimate performance and seating is extremely limited so please book your tickets as soon as practical via: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/daimon-brunton-quintet-feature-ticketed-event-tickets-133901201097

Following this the band will launch ‘The Chunky Biscuit’ at the beautiful Paris Cat Jazz Club. Given the year that 2020 was we’re expecting this to be a huge party! Let’s send this brand new album into the new world in style! (Ticket link to follow shortly).

Limited Double Album Purchase Offer

Due to the Coronavirus lockdowns around the globe musicians aren’t able to gig and perform as we love to and live for. So continue spreading the love (not the virus) I am offering my two latest releases for $10AUD + postage.

Specific postage prices are:

  • Australia $10AUD + $4.85AUD Postage = $14.85 AUD Total
  • US $10AUD + $22.35AUD Postage = $32.35AUD Total
  • Continental Europe $10AUD + $27.05AUD Postage = $37.05AUD Total
  • UK $10AUD + $27.05AUD Postage = $37.05AUD Total

Please send your appropriate total to jazz_deliverance@yahoo.com.au via PayPal – add your address to the purchase order – and your CDs will arrive shortly.

Stay inside and take care my friends!

Kind regards,


Live on Air

I am so grateful and honoured to be speaking with Ross Nable on PBS 106.7 FM this Sunday as part of his show ‘Impressions’. We will be chatting about DBQ’s new album ‘The New Sound’ and our upcoming gig on Sunday 22nd March at Open Studio as part of Darebin’s ‘Fuse Festival’.


The recording is over. The final edits and mixing is over and the final mastering is almost complete

… AND …

On Wednesday 4th March at The Paris Cat Jazz Club DBQ will be launching the brand new, extraordinary, full length album “The New Sound”!

This IS the most ambitious project DBQ has attempted in its 23 year history and it was worth the gamble! This album is overflowing with visceral energy, creativity and sophistication. We can’t find anything that sounds quite like this!

Be there at the album launch to hear and see this full length album performed live! Details below…

The Paris Cat Jazz Club – ALBUM LAUNCH!!
6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, CBD, VIC
Wednesday 4th March, 2020
8:30pm-10:30pm (doors open from 8:00pm)
$20 Entry
Tickets available at: https://www.rollerdigital.com/pariscat/product/413654?date=20200304#/sessions

The New Album!! (and it’s launch gig!!)

Over November, December and January DBQ recorded their first album for 8 years!!

The final edits and mixing is being done as we write this but I can assure you that this is something stellar. I have scoured Spotify and alike and I honestly can’t find anything that sounds quite like this. This is visceral, complex, time-shifting music that demands the very best.

DBQ last launched an album 8 years ago but on Wednesday 4th March DBQ heads into The Paris Cat Jazz Club to unveil their most exciting and ambitious project to date.

This phrase get bandied around regularly but with heartfelt sincerity you want to be there for this!

Daimon Brunton – trumpet
Adam Donaldson – drums
Adam Rudegeair – keyboard
Lawson Kennard – bass
David Gooey – guitar